We’re All One

We’re all one, but we hate each other as if we come from different planets.

We’re all one, yet we act like we weren’t all birthed by our mother’s who carried us in their womb for 9 month’s so we could have a chance to meet this world.

We’re all one, yet we group each other and judge each other based on our physical appearances.

I never knew the colour of your skin affects the way you learn at an institution for them to ask what the colour of your skin is before admitting you into their premises.

Tick below:



Mixed race


Confirming that an institution is diverse by making students tick a box that society has constructed based on their hair type, skin colour, and facial appearance. Does my hair type affect the way I study mathematics? Does my physical appearance affect the way I learn a different language? Does my skin colour affect my performance in my physical education class or did you just make me feel uncomfortable so you could tell the rest of the world “you have a diverse community of students”?

What is diversity?

Yet are we all not born different already? Do we all not have our own life’s to live and our own experiences to tell? Why do we go on further to distinguish each other as though a certain population of us came from a different planet or a different God?

Are there no “black” people naturally born with straight hair and pale skin?

Are there no “white” people naturally born with coarse hair and full lips?

Are there no “mixed-race” people that are in fact “black”/“white” but get mixed up because you cannot even identify whether they are “black” or “white” because of the characteristics that you so constructed.

Yet those you label as “brown” actually have the characteristics of all the other labels you have constructed and you are unsure of where to place them so you call them “brown”.

Are we all really any different or are you forcing us to believe that we are? What if I do happen to have the same hair type, skin colour and physical appearance as someone who is in fact outside of my race? Why should I still consider them as being different from myself when I’ve clearly proven that your labels are only true to those unexposed to the real world?

I was born knowing to identify whether a person was good or bad. I was born learning to know when to turn away from strangers but never once, was I told that your hair type, skin colour, and facial appearance can also be used to identify whether you’re a good or bad person? Is the curliness of my hair going to affect my intentions on robbing a store or committing any crime? Or is that purely based on my intentions as a person; something that only your emotions and heart can tell and in fact, has nothing to do with your outside appearance.

In case you haven’t caught up, I think you’re absolutely bizarre and need a mental health check-up.

~To the person who constructed racial groupings.~



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