Story time •1•: Bible edition.

Omega M
3 min readMar 30, 2022


Growing up, i always heard people say “we’re all going to Heaven anyways”. Most people said this in spite of their sin to try and it seem like it didn’t matter whether they didn’t change some of their bad behavior. That they would go to Heaven regardless because they believe in God.

I never believed this was the way because I didn’t find it fair for those who truly give up a lot to follow God’s way, for those who would rather be insulted if it means they get to be with God in the end.

I began to search for answer’s, i asked God: How can it be that people who give up everything to serve you get to inherit the same peace as those who change your scripture to fit their “modernized lifestyle”?

I did not get a response immediately, but God eventually answered in a form of teaching and he used my own lifestyle as an example.

He highlighted where i stood in term’s of what he expects from me, and told me exactly what i needed to change to get where i wanted to be. He showed me different places that people inherit according to what they’ve done on earth, and told me that each person inherits exactly what they deserve.

God then showed me a glimpse of judgement day: I saw a lot of people who claimed to know God get sent away, i saw a lot of “lukewarm” Christians get sent away and I also saw a lot of people who did not identify as Christian inherit high rank’s in Heaven.

I saw a lot of people I used to know personally back in the day getting sent away and God showed me the exact behavior that is preventing them from inheriting a high rank in Heaven.

Note: A high rank is not the only rank available Heaven. There are several in descending order.

A voice spoke to me in a dream and it said “God is not going to watch over the African continent forever” and as the voice spoke, i saw a big fire starting, a fire that signified the burning of the entire continent. As a dreamer, i knew immediately that “African” continent resembled the entire world as a whole as mentioned several time’s in the bible that we all come from the African continent.

From this, i knew i still had a lot of work to do even for myself. I also knew how hard it is to walk past the gates of Heaven. Furthermore, i knew how easily God can simply turn you away if you refuse to change your obvious bad behavior.

I also know now, that the lukewarm will inherit what the lukewarm deserves, along with all the other lukewarm who pretend to be baptized in God’s way’s. It won’t matter how well you hide your bad behavior, because God knows and he is watching you every second of your life.

What you think you did privately and still haven’t confessed to God because you think you’re the only one who knows could lead you downhill.

From a personal perspective, Heaven is tense, in the sense that rule’s are meant to be followed. Either that, or you go elsewhere because God won’t have the time for explanation’s, YOUR TIME IS NOW.

I’ve heard a lot of people say “how will you explain that to God when the time comes?” but the truth is, you will not be doing any explaining because God will simply look through you and decide for himself according to your heart and how you would have lived your life on earth.

I want to urge anyone reading this to please repent. Repent so you can be renewed. Repent so God can put you on the right path. Repent so you can save yourself, no one else can do it for you.

Let those who joke about God’s word joke, for they will live their eternal life’s with all the other jokers on this earth.



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