How I Became a Fashion Designer

Omega M
3 min readFeb 17, 2022


As a natural-born creative and selfless individual, i’ve always relatively known who i wanted to be in this life; that was either a Fashion Designer or a Doctor & Fashion Designer. I knew i somehow needed to help people to feel alive, but i couldn’t truly be happy without the individuality of a Fashion Designer.

I was around 6 when i started gluing back together my own doll clothes, at that time I didn’t even know i did that because it was the only way i knew how, i thought it was the best way at the time.

My mom eventually started her Textile’s course, she would pack extra thread and sewing needles in the left top corner of her wardrobe; it didn’t take me long to figure out how to use it, it also saved me the time i waited for my glue to dry, so i ventured into hand sewing.

What’s crazy is i would still prefer using glue over a needle and thread sometimes, it’s almost as if i knew subconsciously that different medium worked better in some instance’s.

I’ve always been tall, safe to say i was a tall kid, a slim one too. I remember it was around the time i turned 7 when i began to feel like i was odd compared to other kid’s; I was relatively taller than most girl’s in my class, boy’s too, with about 4 other taller kid’s that reminded me I wasn’t extremely alienated.

The point is, I couldn’t find anything to wear that was true to my size. As a kid, i was very attentive to detail, and i would check the label’s on clothing before i picked it up, given i liked it’s aesthetic to begin with. Being slightly taller than average, I couldn’t understand why clothing labeled 7–8 year’s didn’t fit an 8 year old. I had always thought that if clothing is meant for 7–8 year olds, then it should fit all different kind’s of 7–8 year olds including my best friend who was at least 10cm shorter than i was; I obviously knew that people’s body types were different, so I didn’t understand why clothing wasn’t catered to different people and not just a specific kind of “7–8 year olds”.

This left me questioning a lot, i questioned whether i was born strange, or whether i was just born into the wrong world. My mom eventually explained how i could get bigger sized pants in some retail’s so they could fit me. I liked the idea, but I didn’t like how the pants were at least 3cm too big on my waistline, which resulted in me wearing belt’s a lot. I think this is when my love for baggy pants with a slim waist started, it was definitely my signature look, crazy how it still is till date.

As i grew older, I realized how much i had to tackle because of clothing sizes; from school uniform that didn’t consist of belt buckles, to the only skirt’s that actually fit my waistline being too short for school. I got dress coded a lot, but that’s a topic for a different story.

I knew i had to do something to end what felt like a wardrobe misery to me, but i had never learnt how to use a sewing machine or let along, create a garment from scratch. So, i did what i knew i needed to do.

I don’t know if i’ll ever be a Doctor in this life, but as you grow older, you start to realize how some of the thing’s you dream to be are fueled by pressure and family telling you how you won’t succeed if you don’t follow the norm. I’ve grown to realize that there are other ways to help people out without setting unrealistic goal’s for oneself.

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