Chadwick Boseman.

Chadwick Boseman: Black Panther

I am sure I speak for many when I say that Chadwick was a true superhero for all. He gave purpose to many young and old souls, reminding us all that anything is possible regardless of the circumstances we may face.

I woke up at 5am to see an Instagram post of Chadwick’s passing today. It was as if I was awaken at the right time to witness the tragedy just moments after it was spoken to the world.

Moments before this, I had struggled to go back to sleep, and I thought to browse through my phone till I fall back asleep. Witnessing the death of one of the very few celebrities I admire is not what I expected to see; not today, not at 5am, not tomorrow, and not ever.

I thought to myself ‘’this might be a joke’’ but who would joke about someone’s death in such a way? Then I thought ‘’maybe this is just a dream’’ maybe it’ll end if I just go back to sleep and wake up again.

Despise the great disbelief that I was in, I continued to read on to the caption that accompanied the post. As I read on, everything was almost starting to make sense, my brain forcefully telling me that what I was reading was real, yet my heart kept screaming ‘’just go back to sleep, it’s just a dream’’.

I continued on to share the sad news with those who follow me on Instagram. I was still not sure if I was dreaming yet, could this really be real? This is Chadwick! This could never be real!

A few hours later, I woke up from what seemed like a terrible nightmare. Waking up to see the headlines ‘’the world mourns Black Panther superhero’’. When I thought I would wake up to a better reality, but the reality was the nightmare I was attempting to escape from.

I cannot begin to express how I feel right now. I have cried, held back my tears, and cried again; for a figure I’ve never met in my life, for a figure who did not know of me his entire life whilst he was here with us; but I knew him.

I knew that Chadwick was a fighter.

I knew that Chadwick gave purpose to many young black people who got the opportunity to see the very first black superhero on screen.

I knew that Chadwick was a kind and selfless soul, someone who would put another before him. Someone who would put another person’s smile before his own, to the extent of fighting through movie scenes whilst undergoing constant surgery. Yet the world was not even aware of how much he put in to make it possible, just for us to have something to entertain and uplift us from a distance.

I remember a video that was posted from Chadwick’s graduation ceremony, and he said ‘’To live with purpose and move forward no matter what comes at you, because God will remove anything and anyone in your way if they are not meant to be there’’. A direct quotation from his real experiences and how he had continued to fight no matter the battles that came forth him.

If I could describe Chadwick’s life in a single sentence, it could be:

‘’He came to fill-full his purpose, and when the job was done, he went back to his rightful place’’.

God had a plan; Chadwick may have left the earth in the flesh, but his kind soul will continue to live on and be felt amongst all of us. He will continue to inspire many young souls today and many years to come. You cannot erase the work and words of a legend, and a legend will live forever.

May the Lord bless his family, loved ones and friends as they experience the loss of their dearly loved one. I have felt the pain from a distance, I can only imagine what they are going through.

He lives on.

Rest in Peace Chadwick Boseman.

We Love You King T’Challa.



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